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SDG Tent at Davos 2022

During the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting, the SDG Tent will host close to 40 events led by 12 partners. From smaller conversations with 40 people to larger discussions with up to 120 people, topics such as artificial intelligence, youth entrepreneurship, nutrition, nature, the plastics economy and climate action, among others, will be explored. 

Transforming Healthcare and Healing the World

Healthcare needs women leaders more than ever. This cocktail launch event will invite all participants to co-create an inaugural art piece to spark the Unlocking Eve movement.

Hosted by: Intent

Dinner: Averting a Hurricane of Hunger

Our food systems are faced with multiple shocks, from the pandemic, the increasing cost of food and fertilizer, a war in Ukraine and with other regions also torn by conflict, and climate risks on the increase.

Hosted by: Yara

Delivering Responsible Business Education as the New Norm

Business schools have an extraordinary opportunity and obligation to reflect on their own practice

Hosted by: Intent

Beyond Blaming Plastics: Solutions to enable full systems change

Breakfast discussion on scaling up innovation and circular design across value chains to revolutionise the waste industry.

Hosted by: P&G

Redefining Value to Transform Decision-making

Every decision we take leads to the creation or erosion of value, not only for our businesses but also for society and nature. In this session, leading businesses and influencers will update you on the latest advances.

Hosted by: Intent

Fighting for Our Future: Youth & Climate Education

Young people are our future, and can help us tackle climate change, if they have the right education and support.

Hosted by: Salesforce

Accelerating Nature-Based Solutions in Business

Businesses that embrace nature-positive policies, practices and investments stand to gain in the medium to long-term.

Hosted by: Intent

Unlocking Leadership in Healthcare and Healing the World

The pandemic has highlighted how effective female leadership is.

Hosted by: Intent

Business as a force for good: how staple food fortification and improved nutrition can deliver multiple SDGs

The event focuses on the key role of large-scale food fortification (LSFF) and…

Hosted by: Endeva

The Collaboration Conversation

The Davos Annual Meeting brings together the world’s most influential people.

Hosted by: Intent

DTEK’s press briefing

Аn international press briefing held by DTEK CEO Maxim Timchenko will occur in Davos during the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2022.

Hosted by: DTEK

Consumers’ Power on Climate Action

Dinner discussion on the role of responsible consumption in meeting our climate commitments.

Hosted by: P&G

The power of public-private partnerships

A high-level discussion on the transformational power of public-private partnerships.

Hosted by: DSM

Tech Partnerships for Clean Manufacturing

Join this breakfast discussion on transformative partnerships that will accelerate the path to Net Zero Manufacturing.​

Hosted by: P&G

Intrapreneurship and The Uplink Challenge

Join us for breakfast for a lively discussion on new innovative ways for corporations to solve some of the most urgent issues of our time, by encouraging intrapreneurship, and the announcement of a new UpLink challenge, focused for the first time on employee engagement and private sector innovating for good.

Hosted by: Salesforce

Achieving Health for All: The New Era of Collaboration and Innovation

Today, less than a decade away from the deadline to deliver the 2030 promise outlined in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), universal access to quality healthcare and medical innovation remains a global challenge, with far too many people with either no access to healthcare at all or access to only very basic levels of it.

Hosted by: Intent

When there’s a will there’s a way: A conversation on Building Entreprises for social and Environmental Outcomes

The global recovery and adaptation to climate change requires investment.

Hosted by: Intent

Addressing barriers to achieve living wages

This roundtable event will bring a selection of representatives from across Unilever’s and L’Oreal’s supply chain, as well as peer companies, in a closed-door gathering to discuss the main…

Hosted by: Unilever

Renewable Energy, Scarcity and Circularity: A Path to Net Zero

The path to Net Zero heavily relies on a successful transition to renewable energy.

Hosted by: Intent

Mitigating Risks and Creating Business Solutions with Environmental Intelligence

There is a wealth of environmental and social-economic data that can be used to monitor…

Hosted by: Arctic Basecamp

Good for Business. Business for Good

The environmental, social and governance paradigms of modern businesses have shifted dramatically over the last few years as we experience unprecedented threats coming… from..multiple sources such as climate change, ecosystem degradation, geopolitical uncertainties, and digital disruption.

Hosted by: Intent

A leadership Call to Action to drive youth employment and agripreneurship in Africa

Food systems are an untapped reservoir of employment and entrepreneurial opportunities…

Hosted by: Yara

Nature Positive

More than ever before, the science is clear that human activities are driving a catastrophic loss of nature, placing both lives and livelihoods at risk.

Hosted by: Intent

Putting food on the table in a world in crisis

A Food Systems Summit Independent Dialogue with breakout discussions and a final report to inspire specific actions by global leaders to create sustainable food systems through innovation and… nature-positive solutions

Hosted by: Bayer

True Value of Food Dinner: An action agenda to secure affordable, sustainable, fair, and healthy food.

Building on the outcomes, Rabobank, Impact Institute and WBCSD will now co-host a Minister…

Hosted by: Rabobank

All in for Clean Energy: The role of business in accelerating a clean and just energy transition

This meeting will bring together C-suite leaders from global companies and partners to discuss what corporate climate leadership looks like in 2022, including how business leaders can accelerate a clean and just energy transition.

Hosted by: We Mean Business Coalition

Time to make a difference for cancer patients – the impact of nutritional care

A growing body of evidence demonstrates the benefits of medical nutrition in optimizing health…

Hosted by: DSM

8 Harvests to 2030: Moving from Food System Commitments to Action for Africa

2021 was a big year for commitments to ensuring good food and sustainable prosperity for people…

Hosted by: AGRA

Accelerating change through our global coalition on Living Income

In the slipstream of the debate on living wage for workers, the topic of living Income for farmers has quickly gained traction in the sustainability debate in global agricultural supply chains over the past years.

Hosted by: IDH

Ukraine and new energy security strategy for Europe

The Ukrainian energy sector has vast potential in supporting European energy security. It has previously acted as a stable corridor between Europe and Russia, and its existing interconnection with a number of European countries and energy storage infrastructure – as well as its advantageous geographic position – can now be harnessed to benefit Europe.

Hosted by: DTEK

An SDG Target We Can Reach: Financing Viral Hepatitis Elimination

The technologies to eliminate many diseases are now available.

Hosted by: Intent

Net-zero plans must be judged by science, not spin

A failure to look clear-eyed at the science behind these transition plans will be disastrous for the planet as the likelihood of limiting temperature rises to 1.5C is vanishingly small.

Hosted by: Arctic Basecamp

Digital Solutions To Accelerate The Drive To Net-Zero

Transitioning to net zero is a monumental task, but digital solutions make it easier. Join Persefoni, Jupiter and Sylvera, hosted by Bain & Company, to accelerate your net zero journey.

Hosted by: Bain & Company

ESG performance as a pillar for trust

As the impacts of climate change are becoming more and more real, businesses are realising the importance concerted action. 

Hosted by: Leidar


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