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The State of Cooperation: Navigating Common Challenges of the ESG Agenda

Ocean Room, 17 January, Tuesday, 2023, 15:00-16:30 CET

New ESG requirements in national and supranational legislations force businesses to focus on measuring and reporting on their activities. While the new reporting requirements put sustainability higher on the agenda, they also create a paradox where reporting correctly seems to be as important as doing the right thing.  We pose the question: Is increasing reporting enabling greenwashing or driving real action?

The “decade of action” is further unsettled by a series of consecutive crises. In this context, cooperation between sectors remains vital to achieve common objectives. Yet companies and civil society are not set up to work together effectively. Our session in Davos will look at the core of goal 17 (partnerships for the goals) and raise the question of what the best models are for cooperation in order to achieve sustainable progress.


  • Arne Cartridge, Special Adviser, Yara International
  • Christy Hoffman, General Secretary, UNI Global Union
  • Judy Stenmark, Director General, The Global Self-Care Federation
  • Thomas Hohne-Sparborth, Head of Sustainability Research, Lombard Odier Investment Managers

Moderated by:

  • Lukasz Bochenek, Managing Director/Deputy CEO, Leidar

To introduce the session, Leidar will launch a white paper “The state of cooperation. Navigating common challenges of the ESG agenda” and a distinguished panel will discuss the following questions:

• Are new reporting requirements truly driving real action?

• What are the most effective models of cooperation between the private sector and civil society?

• What are the most common pitfalls leading to the failure of initiatives?

• How can civil society maintain its integrity while benefiting from private sector resources and expertise?

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