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Half Way There, Not Nearly There

Earth Room, Tuesday, 17 January, 2023, 07:00-08:15 CET

2023 will see us half way through the timeline of the 2030 Global Goals – the SDGs. Yet we are not nearly there in terms of achieving the Goals despite them being the road map to solve some of the most pressing social issues of our time.

The world is now facing a new set of challenges which were not upfront and centre in 2015 – an economic crisis, the energy crisis, COVID-19, war in Ukraine, increases in social unrest…… As we wrestle with the impact of all that is facing us, do we have time or energy to focus on the acceleration of the goals and crucially do we have funding to invest in achieving the goals. Funding for social good is all very well during times of economic stability but during times of crisis, is Shareholder value more important then Stakeholder value?

We think that the world is in a difficult place right now – and certainly for the foreseeable. But what is the impact if we take our feet “off the gas” from achieving the SDGs both from an economic model and a social impact model?

Moderated by Zahra Bahroloumi, CEO, Salesforce UK&I, in conversation with Screenwriter, Director and UN SDG Advocate, Richard CurtisPresident and COO of (RED), Jennifer LotitoCEO of Flock Freight, Oren Zaslansky, alongside United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Volker Türk, hear why it is more critical now than ever to focus on the Stakeholder economy and the global economic impact that we will all face if we don’t keep striving to achieve the SDGs.

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