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Governing Biodiversity Credit Markets

18 January, Wednesday, 2023, 20:00-22:00 CET

Biodiversity credit markets are on the rise, with a remarkable array of related initiatives on display at COP15 in Montreal. Considering recent carbon market experience, there is both considerable enthusiasm for the potential for biodiversity credit markets to generate finance for nature and concern that they might develop in ways that prove damaging to nature and inequitable in their economic impact. In bridging potential and concern, growing attention is being paid to the all-important definitions of biodiversity credits and their verifiability, including the use of standard certification approaches and digital platforms such as blockchain to ensure robust traceability. Beyond this, the need for high integrity credit markets is generating debate, design and advocacy for broader governance innovations, ranging from proposals for high level principles to radical disclosure, regulatory arrangements, and new legal frameworks.


  • Ceandra Faria, Head of Communications, NatureFinance


  • Alexa Firmenich, co-Lead, SEED, ETH Zurich, Switzerland
  • Akanksha Khatri, Head, Nature and Biodiversity, World Economic Forum
  • Revathi Sharma Kollegala, Executive Director, Regen Foundation, USA
  • Rachel Kyte, Dean of the Fletcher School, Tufts University, USA
  • Gregory Landua, Director, Regen Network, USA
  • Louis de Montpellier, Chair, Board of Directors, rePlanet, UK
  • Grant Wilson, Executive Director, Earth Law Centre, USA
  • Simon Zadek, Executive Director, NatureFinance
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