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Renewable Energy, Scarcity and Circularity: A Path to Net Zero

The path to Net Zero heavily relies on a successful transition to renewable energy. Scaling up renewable energy technologies to achieve
this goal, however, largely depends on critical materials, that are scarce on our planet. This scarcity not only limits the adoption potential of these technologies, but also implies intensified competition for access to these materials in the near future. These problems can be fixed by circularity, that is, keeping critical materials in circulation in the economy they serve, and away from leakage into the environment or competing economies. This requires bringing renewable energy experts, circularity proponents and governments together for actionable plans for sustainable futures.

  • What is the role of scarce materials in the renewable energy transition towards the Net Zero objective?
  • How can we overcome such resource limitations within and across industries?
  • What is the role of an industrial circular economy transition?
  • How can governments and policymakers help?


  • Michele Crisostomo, Chair of the Board of Directors and Chairman, Corporate Governance and Sustainability Committee, Enel Spa, Italy
  • Fabienne Fischer, City Counsellor, Stateof Geneva, Switzerland
  • Guillaume Pitron, Independent Journalist and Documentary Maker, France

Moderated by:

  • Atalay Atasu, Professor of Technology and Operations Management, Bianca and James Pitt Chair in Environmental Sustainability, INSEAD, France
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 24 May 2022, Tuesday  12:00-14:00

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