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Net-zero plans must be judged by science, not spin

A failure to look clear-eyed at the science behind these transition plans will be disastrous for the planet as the likelihood of limiting temperature rises to 1.5C is vanishingly small. How can closer and transparent discussions with the scientific community help business and finance leaders avoid a “Don’t Look Up” Ending?

This session assesses the critical disparity between IPCC Working Groups 1 and 3 in their recommendations to policymakers. Speakers make the case that scientists must hold the world to account and ensure that net zero actions are firmly based on rigorous scientific foundations and the non-negotiable nature of the 1.5C target — if we wish to avoid fundamental tipping points, there is no room for spin.

In parallel, the ongoing situation in Ukraine provides a reality check on the human, economic and geopolitical catastrophe of fossil fuels. Climate change and conflict are not separate issues; the roots of both of these threats to humanity can be found in fossil fuels.

This session therefore has three aims:

1) To present a clear understanding of what the science says must be done to reach net zero and the 1.5-degree target and to present a rigorous science-based framework for evaluating the feasibility of net zero plans and pathway scenarios.

2) To consider the social and human rights implications of continued reliance on fossil fuels, illustrated most clearly by the ongoing war in Ukraine.

3) To engage in an open discussion with business, policy and finance leaders on the need to judge Net-zero business plans by science and humanity, not wishful thinking or spin.

The session will include three scientific speakers followed by a high level panel response.

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Hosted by:
Arctic Basecamp

 25 May 2022, Wednesday  15:30

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