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Consumers’ Power on Climate Action

For the first time, the April 2022 IPCC report brought consumer footprint into the climate discussion, highlighting the importance of individual actions in capping our temperature rise at 1,5degC. We must  move towards a more productive dialogue – one which recognises sustainability not as the onus of a company or government, but as a systemic challenge to be solved by all actors, at both collective and individual levels.

How do we achieve this? How are we already engaging individuals on these issues, and bringing them into the climate discussion? And how can we, moving forward, educate and empower individuals to become more responsible consumers?

This dinner will convene senior leadership from business, academia, and civil society, to discuss the role of responsible consumption in meeting our climate commitments.

Peter Bakker
World Business Council of Sustainable Development
Dr Zoe Chance
Yale School of Management
Helena Leurent
Consumers International
Virginie Helias
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 23 May 2022, Monday  20:00-22:00

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