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Beyond Blaming Plastics: Solutions to enable full systems change

To revolutionise the waste industry, value chains must  embrace innovative concepts and circular design – from intelligent sorting and digital water marks, to reusable packaging and reduces carbon footprint  – and scale them.

Since behavioural change alone won’t get us to net zero fast enough – we need systems change to speed up the process.

What obstacles must be overcome, and what incentives can we create, to clean up our systems with sustainable solutions? How can systems change accelerate consumer habits in turn? Join our breakfast discussion.

Tim Sykes
Packaging Europe
Michelle Gibbons
Branded Goods Association (AIM)
Sheila Bonini
World Life Fund (WWF)
Jacob Duer
Aliance to End Plastic Waste
Loic Tassel

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 23 May 2022, Monday  07:30-08:30

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