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Addressing barriers to achieve living wages

Objectives: This roundtable event will bring a selection of representatives from across Unilever’s and L’Oreal’s supply chain, as well as peer companies, in a closed-door gathering to discuss the main barriers to achieve living wages and how we can best work together to overcome them. 

Session aims & outcomes:

  • Open and honest conversation on key barriers to commit to living wages and discuss possible solutions to overcome these barriers.
  • Identify what is needed from others – companies, governments etc. – to drive action.
  • Inspire action by sharing pathways and concrete next steps to living wages (based on the IDH Roadmap) 


Rising inequality globally represents a systemic risk and one of the most critical challenges we face. Wide disparities in income and wealth are leading to hundreds of millions of people being left behind, and to broad swathes of the global population losing faith in the system. Social cohesion is breaking down, trust in key institutions is eroding, and civil and political unrest is mounting. There is increasing unity behind calls for greater equity and equality—and higher expectations for governments, businesses, and investors to take action.

This must include action to eradicate working poverty and ensure that everyone earns a living wage – a wage that enables workers and their families to meet their basic needs. 

We need to change supply chains in which poverty wages are being seen as an unfortunate by-product of capitalism. It’s within the power of businesses to adjust. Companies with sustainability at the heart of their business operations will simply lose credibility if they remain reliant on poverty wages.

While momentum is starting to build behind a global living wage movement, we need to move faster. Both Unilever and L’Oreal have committed to pay living wages in their own operation and work with their suppliers to pay living wages in their supply chain. But others need to join. Accelerating the transition towards a living wage economy calls for efforts across the full value chain.

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 24 May 2022, Tuesday  12:00-14:00

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